Crazy (and Pathetic) way to spend time.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Am hooked and am kinda ashamed I am spending my time refreshing my browser. Haha. Addicted just like everyone else who find this certain blog entertaining. Talk about ultimate "WiFi-ing". Mwehehehe.

Imagine, more than 30,000 visits since the day it was published about 5 days ago. And it's not just the people in Manila that go visit. Seems like the blog has taken the international scene by storm (based on the comments at least).

Reading someone bash the "high society kids" is amusing. Talk about washing the laundry in public. Watching them live their lives and finding that everything could be a lie. Sheesh.

My brothers do not condone my behavior at the moment. Not everything that's been said may not be true, as they say. So am not gonna link the blog here.

But I can whisper it to you ;p