Rather late to say this...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

But I love watching Coffee Prince, LOL! A few Bebots and the E Ladies are addicted to it that they've already watched the entire thing in DVD. After Marimar started to drag with its story, I realized I enjoyed watching this Koreanovela more.

(Side: Marian who plays Marimar is already announced to play Dyesebel next and she claimed to be not wearing body stockings for her scenes. Topless!)

Anyway, I already have a copy of the DVD but haven't got the chance to watch it. Hubby wants us to watch it together, hehe. So I content myself with the tagalized version on local TV and swoon :) Arthur and Andie are so cute together, but it's Arthur's (Gongyoo) killer smile that really gets me.

Suddenly, I'm in high school once again ;P