Getting my groove back...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I honestly have a hard time going back to my routine (of not doing anything but blog and sleep and stay online, if I may add...mwehehehhe) when I'm away the net. Yeah, that's my way of saying I am indeed pathetic.

Anyway, I am done bathing Kei and done doing some groceries at Unimart so now I can freely blog while watching the local version of Wheel of Fortune (not a big fan though). I also plan to look at the pictures I took at Kat's wedding. And maybe do some post processing ;)

On other news (nux!), my brother is suggesting that we (I suppose he wants me in it? hehe) do some buy and sell business. And then probably we can do it online too. Of course we will start small, as all businesses too. We can set up small business phone system, that will surely make it easier for us. Yay, exciting! :)

Okay, I'm off to do my thang. Got a couple more assignments I should be doing. So I'll probably be flooding today.