Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remember that blog I was talking about in this post? Well it's gotten huge and people are really talking about it. It's all around the blogosphere and the net, I tell yah. Even some broadsheets have given it attention. And yes, even ANC and some lawyers are into it...discussing how the blog author and all other bloggers can be sued for libel. To quote:

"Here’s what could get bloggers into trouble if they’re covering the issue.

  • Publicly mentioning names of people being exposed in the blog.
  • Posting pictures of the people being named by Brian Gorrell in his blog.
  • Publishing the URL of the blog or linking to the blog.
  • Quoting a libelous sentence on the blog or re-publishing/summarizing allegations thereof."
Am not guilty of anything listed above. I just read and indulge in the stories, true or not, I don't even comment. But then, there should be free speech and we should really be responsible in what we share and write. It's funny because with how this issue has become so big, how can the Philippine law enforcement be able to track all those who have supposedly committed libel, many are even anonymous? If there's even a case, I doubt it will end in a hundred years. So good luck.