He wants us there...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Li'l brother was chatting with BIL and they had a funny exchange over at YM about darling J. BIL said they had a conversation as:

Well J asked first why his dad is busy cleaning and fixing the house. J was told they will have visitors...

J: daddy why are our visitors still not here?
HD (his dad): they will arrive later in the evening..
J: who are coming daddy?
HD: lolo and lola (BIL's parents)..
J: why are they coming here?
HD: lola will celebrate her birthday here with us
J: are tito G and ninang coming?
HD: no...they are not coming
J: why not?
HD: ...coz they dont have plans to come here, yet...
J: i want them to come here

After a while...

J: but i want tito G and ninang to come here
HD: if tito G and ninang are here..can mommy and daddy go somewhere?
J: no..i want to go with you.
HD: but you said you want tito G and ninang to come here...
J: they will go with us!
HD: but they won't enjoy staying here if you wont stay with them...
J: (with a sad face) ok..i will stay with them...

Awwww. that's sweet :) But this conversation happened a few days ago...so the mood probably changed already. I was talking to him on the phone this morning and he simply got tired talking to me LOL! Oh well, I guess we won't be needing new Johnston and Murphy luggage, would we?