Bluewish: Fresh Talent

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

They're Bulacan's (Malolos) homegrown talents. They made the rounds of Bulacan bars and now they're shooting for better stars. Yapi, Mark and company used to perform for us. They actually helped Ysidro's be known in our area when we were just starting. Hands-down, they were the best group we had. They would bring in guests and they entertain very well.

During the days that I was preparing for my wedding, I showed Mark some lyrics that I came up with. He and his group composed the music for it. I was supposed to sing it to my husband on our wedding day, but alas, I chickened out. LOL! My lyrics didn't give justice to their work haha!

As I said, they've moved on. They've stopped performing at Y but I am very happy and proud that they are working hard to pursue their dreams. We don't regret welcoming them in our family. I wish that when the time comes, when they're famous and all, they will look back and still consider us family (because we still do).

They recently joined the Pringles contest and now they've landed as one of the 5 Finalists. Their entry is entitled "Balang Araw". Please do support this group by voting online at (needs registration, will take only a minute, and users can vote 30 times in a day) or by texting PRINGLES D and send to 2366. Details are also being shown over at MYX. PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM!!!!! And here's the video as posted in youtube:

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