Thank you!!!! (and THE Announcement...)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wasn't able to go online yesterday, and I am still alive. Hindi ko pala ikamamatay ang pagiging offline! LOL!

I am posting this entry to thank everyone who remembered to greet me. THANK YOU!!

I got three overseas calls. Lotsa text messages. Received some mobile calls. Upon going online today, I realized that a lot of people also left messages in my chatbox and email. I am certainly surprised to see greetings in my Friendster (as comments and PMs) even from unexpected peeps. Special mention to CRT who exhausted all her means to greet me, LOL!

My heart is overjoyed. I received no gifts but knowing that people (who matter!) thought of me, even for a minute makes me happy.

As I laid myself to sleep on Monday night, I was silently crying while Ane was hugging me. Couldn't even explain why or how I felt. Not even sure why I am saying this now, hehe.

And now for THE Announcement. Drum roll, please!

Credits: Magnifying glass from; Staple by MissMint; Everything else from Just for You kit by the owner of New Life Dreams (in Blogspot). Fonts: Edwardian Script and Kindergarten off the net.

I Excelsized the names and assigned entry numbers. And then I used a randomizer to pick the winner :) In case you're wondering, entry #19 is Mae. Congratulations, 'Te Jen!