Prom/Grad Ball Season

Saturday, March 01, 2008

It really is. This afternoon, hubby and I went to GH to buy my brother's Grad Ball date a wrist corsage and a bouquet of flowers. The florist was busy attending to clients buying corsages and boutonnieres! At the moment, bro is in the ball and asked our permission if he could go to Eastwood with his friends afterwards. Awww, he's all grown up (really, I should have accepted that long time ago, LOL!). He also asked permission if he could drive by himself but he wasn't allowed. You know how the Pinoy oldies are, so superstitious that those graduating (or getting married) should be extra careful because they're more prone to accidents. I dunno where that came from, hehe.

Anyway, last week, bro asked if his little pimple/blemish on the face would go away in time for the ball. Yeah, he's vain too (at times). I'm just glad he's not experiencing the same way my face broke out eons ago. I had to go and see a dermatologist for acne treatment. Nasty pimples, I tell you. Anyway (again...),

I'm hoping my brother is enjoying as this is his last hurrah before going on to college next school year. I wonder what time he plans to come home, though. Hehe.