I thought I'm gonna dress up :(

Monday, March 10, 2008

There will be an event in Baguio on April 4-6 and it kinda excites me. Why? Because I plan to wear one of my gowns/dresses (for the Ball). All my dresses are my pre-wedding size, isn't that something I should be looking forward to -- fitting in them?! :) Hubby also gets to wear his coat (worn only once...I was even planning to get him new cufflinks). But my bubble burst when Mom called on Friday and informed me that the theme's not gonna be all formal but Psychedelic-Hippie Era. Sheesh. And then Hubby told me last night he might not be able to join us because of work. Double sheesh.

Oh well, maybe I can just put that behind me. The trip, anyway, is also to celebrate my li'l Brother's birthday. We expect to have fun especially that we will stay most of the time in CJH area ;)