Pesky agents

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yesterday, a Sunday, my mobile started ringing with the call coming from a landline number. I know that number very well and it is from one of the Credit Card companies that I am subscribed to. Of course I didn't answer because I read somewhere that these companies are not supposed to contact clients beyond office hours, it's a basic right. And the many times that I have pointed this out to the telemarketers, it probably did not sink into their heads (even if I asked these people to note that I never, as in, I never want anyone calling me because I am fully aware of my dues and responsibilities and I am up to date with their promos and what-not's). I am also aware that these plastics do not help with the budget, but then again these plastics are necessary for me. I will not elaborate on that -- let's just put it this way, I use my cards not for my own and I'm also not the one paying for the dues. Anyway, I plan to cancel one or two of my cards in the near future. And before I do that, maybe I can visit that site where I can compare and finally decide which ones to keep :)