Thank You, Mamita!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let me share with you what my Exchange Gift Mommy gave me:


Yes, I was given what was first in my list! :) I do not mind the color. I know I said I wanted the black one but this works perfectly fine :) She also gave little Abi this:


Uh-huh, it’s the shirt she wore to Dom’s party :) Suot agad pagkalaba, LOL! My Mamita actually just sent me the money to buy these things. Just last week, I was kinda losing heart that the Grendha model that I wanted is not available anymore. But this morning, I was thinking aloud about wanting a specific model when the saleslady said maybe she still has what I was looking for. And viola! :) You can say I am a happy girl! Thank you, Mommy!

p.s. I just found out today that Grendha is owned by the same company which owns Ipanema. No wonder both brands have that nice feel on the feet :)


Chikai said...

you're welcome baby!

uunahan ko na si mai! bwahahaha!

type ko yong sandals mo. magmumukha kang goddess nyan! ;)

Suzanne said...

Hay naku itong si Chikai. Nang-aagaw ng baby!

You're welcome, Kaje! :D

Oo nga. May panlaban ka na sa Pocahontas sandals ni Kathy. LOL!

Mai said...

oi oi oi oi ano mga yan???? may adoption papers na ba kayo para maangkin si kaje?

excuse me..'re welcome kaje.

Uy alam mo sa saudi mura lang ang grendha at ipanema. Mga ganyang styles lagi pinagbibili ni stepmom ko. Bago sila magbakasyon next year, check natin kung makakapabili tayo.

jennytalks said...

oy mga impostor kayong lahat ..LOL ako ang nanay ni kaje no.. you're welcome Kaje..

Type ko rin yang sandals na yan ah..

Kaje said...

Thank you mga Mommykoys :) Hahaha kekukulet!

@Chikai - olats pa din paa ko ditong parang luya hahahaha

@zanne - oo nga hahahah

@mai - naku naku type ko yan! balitaan mo ko ha! :)

@ate jen - emailed you :)