Are you building your house?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Or at least renovating your home? How I wish I can answer yes to either. We're far from doing that, LOL! Might take years, actually. All I can do for now is browse for inspirations online.

If you answered yes to my questions, maybe you would like to check out the lighting fixtures from Farreys. They have a wide selection of lighting stuff. I'm quite fixated with light as I've always believed that proper lighting makes a house a bit more homey.

If and when we build our own home, Ane and I both agree that we like something that is Contemporary and Asian fusion-inspired home. See that ceiling light in the image? I would like something like that in my house! :) So nice, noh?! Saw that Kimono lighting in the george kovacs collection. Some kichler lighting might work, too! Yay! Pretty, pretty stuff. It's free to dream, ayt? :)