Thursday, November 20, 2008

That's my mom's initials. And it fits her well if not perfectly. She has that talent to feel and "foresee" something even before it happens. I would have called it a coincidence but it has happened several times already and I can't do but just be amazed :)

Case in point: We (brother R, my mom and I) were on our way to Galleria last night to buy some stuff. Then my other bro texted that he was already on his way home. So we told him to just go straight to Galleria and meet us there. Then my mom after a few minutes said we should call him or he just might miss his MRT stop which is Ortigas. I reasoned that it wasn't necessary to remind him at that moment since he would still be in LRT by then. So we forgot all about it.

And then my brother arrived at the supermarket, he said HE MISSED his stop because he fell asleep and ended up in Cubao (he just rode the MRT to Ortigas again). Mother's instinct? Not sure, but definitely ESP working again heheh.

Anyway, since we were already at the mall, I thought I could still look for some sexy lingerie for a friend who's getting married soon. But after the grocery and Mongolian dinner, I was already tired. Maybe I'll just do that when I have more energy.