Veggies for you!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was looking at Ane's year 2001 pictures and the change in his body, weight-wise, is really noticeable. He's gained so much weight eversince and is having a hard time going back to his ideal weight. His only exercise is his games twice a week. I guess that's not enough.

Last night, my mom was talking to his mom about this. (See it has become a family concern, mwehehehe). My mom figured that if Ane only likes eating vegetables, then he wouldn't have a hard time dieting. My Mom believes that veggies are natural fat burners. But Ane simply detests eating veggies. No matter how I scare him that he is more prone to diseases unless he eats 'em, he won't budge! I wonder how I can convince him.

And then my mom realizes that she herself loves veggies and yet she can't control her weight. LOL! Nothing she can do but chuckle at herself :)