Yen's QOTW #41

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1.Does your age make you feel left out? Nope, I'm so used to mingling with people of all ages :)
2. How do people of the same gender as you but taller than yourself make you feel? Nothing, I've long accepted that I'm not tall at all ;)
3.When did you last scream? Why? Last week, when I found out the ward was lying about smoking, grrrr...
4. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize it as a weakness in yourself? Simple things, like when my OCness kicks in, my patience is tested and I don't have a very long string of patience I tell you. Right now, the ward stresses me out (forgets to lock the door, doesn't use the rags for specific purposes, leaves the plates unwashed, things like that) and I hate that it's getting me.
5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? Nope.
6. Have you ever walked around someone else’s home barefoot? Yes, all the time unless they ask me not to.
7. What do you do when you are left home alone? I find that I have a lot of things to do and end up doing nothing at all, LOL!
8. When someone is vague or confusing, how do you process it? I ask and inquire further. If I don't like the person, I just pretend I understood and just let it pass LOL!
9. Typically, when someone says to you: “I’ll be five minutes”, how long do they actually take? An hour!!
10. For you, what is the best word in the English language? Respect. Because from that word stems all things nice like Love, Trust and Obedience :)

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Jhari said...

On #7, pasaway ka ate ha :lol: sometimes, ganyan din po ako.

Anonymous said...

huwwaaatt??!!! nagi-smoke na siya??? musta naman ang schooling niya??? nakow!

Kaje said...

@ jhari, thanks for dropping by! di ba ganun minsan? sa dmi ng kailangan mo gawin, sa kakaisip pa lang kung nao uunahin, nauubos ang oras? LOL!

@mae, pak di ba? can you imagine the stress i've been going through (you know how OC i could get when it comes to cigarette smoke di ba)? kung anu-ano natutunan sa labas, sa mga kaklase niya! yung ibang bagay napapalampas ko, pero ito apektado talaga ako eh, wawa naman si Dot pag nagkataon di ba? pero nagpromise na (naman) siya na hihinto na talaga. hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan ang effectivity nun hayyyy. may one failing grade siya last quarter, proud pa yun kasi daw dalawa lang daw silang isa lang ang bagsak sa klase, the rest FOUR or MORE subjects. ayos noh?

Anonymous said...

korek Tin!!!! yosi??!!!! nakow!!! LOL! paki-batukan! hehe.

haaayyy... na-miss ko yung kwentuhan natin while sipping kopi (ikaw juice lang! hehe).. miss ko na mga update mo tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay.. hehehe..

keep your cool, sis! pero oks lang paka-OC ka lalo na pag apektado na si Dot!