Starting the week right.

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's what I hoped for. But being sick and all, I had a major boo-boo this morning.

I set the alarm an hour later than I should!! I was wondering why the skies were already bright when I opened my eyes (I even snoozed my phone, hah!) and realized that the sun has risen!! It was already 555am!!

So I sent Ane and my Bro to work and school without breakfast and lunch baon. Well, they only had bread and water for breakfast. I felt so guilty. I still prepared breakfast for the rest of us, though. After eating, taking my Vitamins and drinking milk, I went back to bed and woke up just before lunch.

Went to the ward's school to get her report card after lunch. The grades are still disappointing but she did better in some of the subjects anyway. One failure though. Tsk. I was also able to talk to the adviser about some concerns. We noticed kasi the ward is getting rebellious these past weeks and she stresses me out. I'm slowly learning to apply reverse psychology on her because we all think that suits her fine.

And then when we returned home, I checked my emails and got one that looks promising. I was told that my application to this one company was already filled-in and maybe I should just be patient and send another one for another department. Which I already did, before I started blogging today. It's not a position that will require us to relocate (thus no need for Rimowa luggages! :)), but I'm really crossing my fingers they will contact me. I would really love to work for them!! Someone will check my application in a month's time. Wish me luck! :)

Seems like the week is getting to a good start, anyway. :)