Weekend Round-up (Oct 31 - Nov2)

Monday, November 03, 2008


Oct 31 - It's Ane's day-off!! I woke up later than usual at 6am to prepare breakfast because he won't go to work anyway, and my LBB has no classes on Fridays too. By 8am, Ane and I were off to Makati to do an errand for my parents, a 9am appointment. It had to be us since the transaction is under Ane's name and we have a deadline to do it. It's been a while since the last time I went to Makati! Glad traffic wasn't that terrible. We found the building and was able to park at 840am (that's a breeze of a travel coming from QC, huh). We photocopied some documents first and bought pineapple juice from Jollibee 'coz I felt I needed some sugar-rush.

We went to the building and got to our floor at exactly 9am. Guess what? There was no receptionist in sight! Gah! And when she came, she wasn't even smiling! And the person we needed to talk to didn't come out for about ten (felt like more than ten to me) minutes. I was getting annoyed, really. But you know what? Being pregnant made me more patient. Ask my husband! :D Our transaction didn't last five minutes (but we have to return in a week) and we were out of Makati less than an hour after we went in. Lugi sa parking fee and diesel, hehehe.

Then we went to Puregold San Juan to pick up some grocery stuff I forgot to buy the other day. We already knew what we needed so that didn't take time too.

We were back home at 1030 and I immediately fell asleep. Woke up for Lunch at 1230. I'm so glad I went for a nap earlier because I wasn't able to rest anymore for the entire day. Lounged a bit after lunch while watching "Made of Honor". Then while watching I started marinating the porkchops for dinner and cooking the munggo beans for ginisa. Just before the movie ended, the guard called to say that my Aunt and cousins are already at the gate! It was just a bit after 2pm! So we all scrambled to get ready and be presentable heheh (I was still in my jammies!).

So happy to see them visit! We invited them over so Tori can experience her first Halloween party and Trick or Treat. Mommy Ellen helped me make some banana-Q and camote-Q. Yum-yum! The boys played Rockband while the girls, of course had fun chatting :D By 5pm, Tori, our Princess Mumu, was ready for the party to we went out to the clubhouse and joined the fun. There were games and prizes and some food. Afterwards, the kids went around to ask for candies. Even if it was raining, the kids were all so hyper going house-hopping.

We went back home and saw that Mom and Mom Ellen weren't done yet preparing dinner so we decided to check out Tori's loot. Man, she got a lot! We joked that having dentists as parents, we all doubted she would be able to eat all that stuff, LOL! And then dinner was served.

Tori kwento: I am so amazed by this little girl who's about 20months old. She eats veggies! She even loved eating munggo even if it was her first time to eat some! Her mom says, Tori eats even ampalaya and just about any veggie! And she looks forward to her teeth brushing routine! She was supposed to take some meds for coughs too, and her parents didn't have a hard time making her take it. She even said "more!more!" after she has taken her dosage. Amazing! I wish I can train Dot like that :D

After dinner, we prayed the rosary together. And then we were on the road for home. I was too tired by then but I wanted to watch Bubble Gang so I tried to stay up. It was a long day that ended around 1am!

Nov1 - Ane let me sleep in until 1230pm! Yay! But I still felt tired and bored and lazy (bad combination, I know!)! Refer to the previous post, I needed to do an assignment so I was able to blog that time hehe :D When Ane left around 5pm for the cemetery I got even more bored! I just read the Yes! magazine I borrowed from MIL and tried my best to finish the layout I started days ago. Here it is. Afterwards, I just sat in front of Ivy refreshing my browser every now (and not getting anything!) and then until Ane was back (Oh I had dinner alone pala!). Pathetic, I know. Slept around midnight.

Nov2 - Ane filed for VL today. We woke up just after 8am. We were scheduled to hear mass at 9am. When we went back, we realized my FIL is going to use Espee. So he just brought us to the church and left us there. Since we were commuting anyway, and we were already hungry, Ane and I decided to go to the nearby Jollibee to grab some food after the mass. He also got me my vitamins from Mercury. By this time, my mom was corresponding, asking us what time we are to go back to QC (she had a 2pm appointment with my brothers). I said we still didn't know because we had no idea what time FIL will return. We decided to stay home all day. I was getting ready for my nap at 1130 when we realized FIL was already home! So I called my mom telling her that we can travel earlier. And she agreed to ride with us. The problem was, I was still not done fixing the house! Our laundry was all-over the place and my MIL sent us lunch. I had to fix everything in less than an hour!

We got to QC just before 2pm. Ane and I decided to join them in watching the V-league at The Arena. The games were scheduled as: 2pm - Benilde vs. FEU, 4pm Adamson vs. UST. The first game was so-so, FEU won. The second game has more action, though. Adamson won 3sets to 1. Even if the stadium was roaring with fans, I was too sleepy to enjoy the game.

We got home around 630pm, had dinner. And would you believe I was already snoozing on the bed by 830pm?!?!? That's how tired I was. It was a tiring weekend (yeah, even doing nothing tires me!!).


This turned out to be a long entry. I just kept on typing! If you're still reading, thank you! I'm sure I bored you!

It's Monday! I hope it's gonna be a better week!

ps. Did you notice I didn't shop even if it's the Digital Scrapbooking weekend?!?! Yay to me!