Yen's QOTW (40)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1. What measures have you taken to cut back expenses?
Avoiding surfing online shops (!), less trips to the mall, movie nights at home instead of the theater :)

2. Have you ever bought a book and used the receipt as a bookmark?
Yes, when I'm too lazy to get one of my bookmarks, or sometimes too excited to read (I sometimes start reading the minute I check it out from the cashier!)

3. Can you recall any traumatic, embarrassing or troubling events as a child that you still remember vividly? If so, care to share?
Having a sister who is just 11 months older, the elders cannot help but make comparisons. You get the picture.

4. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked at a job interview?
I've never been to a lot of interviews, but I remember being asked why I had to re-schedule one time: I was stranded in our own house after out small Bulacan town got flooded. Hehe.

5. Does it make you uncomfortable if a woman is breastfeeding her baby in public?
Nope, as long as nothing is flashed accidentally hehe.

6. Do you know anyone who has an unpredictable temper? Who?
When you're surrounded by people with unpredictable temper, you somehow get used to it already, right? This is a hard question. But I'd say I have a terrible unpredictable temper that I surprise myself sometimes hehe.

7. What did you have to learn “the hard way”?
Spending before earning, 'nuff said.

8. Have you ever been dishonest about the origin of a bruise?
Nope, though I'm honest enough to say that I usually don't know where I get my bruises from. I'm such a clumsy klutz. LOL!

9. Have you ever gotten any kind of envelope in the mail without the senders return address? Did you found out who it was from?
Yes, just this weekend. A family friend, Tito Ces, sent me a thank you card for sharing sympathies with them when they lost Tita Pin.

10. It’s our 40th QOTW. I am giving away something. Can you tell me why should I give it to you? It’s just a little something to spice up this little Meme!
Give it to me, Yen! Because I am pregnant and I feel lucky! :D

You can find the rest here :)


Butchay said...

we do the same thing kaje, movies at the house na lang instead of watching sa theaters, less expensive and we can just whip up our own food thats available.

how are you na? ;)

my entry is here:

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, oo nga, mga buntis daw swerte.

My answers are here. Hope you can stop by.

Vanniedosa said...

oohh ur pregnant? congrats. ^_^ cutting back exp, me too i seldom watch movies in theaters anymore.

Anonymous said...

Natatawa ako sa mga sagot natin sa #10 :D

Take care Kaje.. malapit na lumabas. Ilang tulog na lang din yan :)

TexasRed said...

Congratulations! Hope everything is going smoothly for you.

Glad I could warn you away from blue mascara :)

Faye said...

nakaka temp kasing mag shopping online Christine noh? lalo na if may paypal money ka *lol*

Anonymous said...

Totoo talaga yang #1. hehe