I'm free!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Wednesday, Yen's question # 7 went: What did you have to learn “the hard way”? And I answered: Spending before earning...

See, I have five (5!!!) credit cards and all of them are maxed out. Talk about having no control over my spending, huh? Considering that I am not earning a regular income and my online "business" isn't that lucrative (yet, hehe). And can you believe I've maxed them out even before the financial crisis hit my family?!? Anyway, the expenses were more on months (or years) of groceries, petrol and dining-out.

And then the other night, I just could not sleep because I was thinking of all those debts! Well, at least those that I owe from Citibank (kakapraning sila mang-harass hah!). I was worried I'd get into jail for failing in my responsibilities (yeah, I was worrying ahead!) and worrying even more that Baby Dot just might loose the Momma (that's me!) for losing a legal battle. Paranoid? Yeah, that's me!

So the next day, I talked to my Mom and she agreed to one of my suggestions. Insert sigh of relief here.

Yesterday, I went to Makati and closed my Citibank dollar account. I figured I can just open another account when things become more manageable. And then I paid off ALL my dues in my two Citibank cards and had them TERMINATED. Remind me to call again on Monday to confirm the termination because I don't wanna receive bills from them anymore. Ever.

The net amount from this transaction was used to pay off some of the dues in my other cards. I'm planning to keep just one among the rest. And I chose my BPI express to keep for emergencies ONLY (because they're the nicest! ;)) And then the remaining two cards will be terminated as well. Soon, I hope.

So I'm free. At least from Citibank. Wahoooo!!