I scream for...COFFEE!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We went to Megamall yesterday afternoon because my brother delivered some goods to a client and then we also went with him to Metrowalk for his meeting with his Webmaster (Btw, have you voted for his site yet?). We waited for Ane there who was coming from work. We hung-out at Starbucks. While waiting, my li'l bro ordered the new Dark Cherry Mocha frap! Wow, I was so envious! He said it tasted really good and will drop his favorite Toffee Nut anytime. Waaahhh! I miss drinking coffee, I still have about ten weeks before I can taste coffee once again (Hubby and OB both won't say yes, even to decaf)! And then Mom called to tell us to wait for her for an impromptu dinner out (She had to discuss some serious matters with us. We ended up in Pancake House.). So my agony became longer, having to sniff the coffee aroma of the shop! :( Sigh, I so miss coffee! Konti na lang!

ps. have you seen the new Starbucks planner? Last year's was so much better!!!


donna_chocnut said...

hi tin, long time no visit. glad to know 30 wks ka na, ang galing, ambilis ng panahon. yes i can relate. coffee din ang miss na miss ko, particularly, cafe latte ng starbucks (babaw lang kaligayahan ko). i thought i could have it pagka panganak, pero di pa pala - di raw puwede caffeine and chocolates if you plan to breastfeed. oh well =) p.s. bilib ako sa self control mo, congrats! take care and hello to baby dot and papa badong.