Let's Diet! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nope I'm not talking about Diet Ocampo talks of leaving for the Kapuso Network, hehehe.

Two of my friends (hi Papita, hi Mami C!) decided to lose some weight to avoid further health complications. They're healthy (by my standards), fine, but they need to cut pounds because they know they're not getting any younger and that their families have histories of Diabetes and Hypertension. I would have suggested Leptovox, but they decided to do things "naturally".

Both of them vowed to eat more healthily now. Read: avoiding too much desserts and coffee when we're (or they're) out! If you know our group, we enjoy eating a lot and that cutting some sweets and coffee from their routine is a big deal in itself. And they promised to play badminton more and be active again in some physical activities. Like Papita, who's back into riding his back, yay!

I'm cheering for both you! Go, go, go!!!