On webhosting

Friday, November 07, 2008

When my hosting (for the creative blog) was nearing expiration in June, I was thinking of getting my own hosting and add a few more blogs under my wings. But since I got pregnant, I thought I won't have time to manage more than two blogs anymore. And considering that I will have to learn a few things here and there about having my own account, I guess I won't have much time for that too. Nevertheless, I just renewed my account with fellow Bebot Amore and will just decide again next year.

I've been reading web hosting tutorials to jumpstart my project. Our current host is Hostmonster, so I'm seriously considering this, too. We've never had any problems and my site is never down. I admit I have a lot to learn (I didn't study computers at all, I am just a mere mortal trying to learn by myself, hehe) especially when it comes to online security. Security is a very big deal for me!

Well. Let's see where this learning process will lead me :)