How can you be so irresponsible?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hi, you all! How's your weekend going so far? Me, I'm fully rested from our "retreat" in our Malabon home :D We just stayed indoors yesterday (and I was able to scrap, yay! will share that later), and just this afternoon, packed our things and clothes. We're now back in QC :) I thought we'd return here later tonight or early tomorrow but Ane suddenly decided he wants to play. So that's where he is right now, playing badminton.

Anyway, on our way here somewhere along EDSA, we were checking out this red Innova just in front of us. I noticed that the vehicle's color at the driver's side isn't shiny anymore (considering that it's new having a plate starting with ZH). Ane commented that maybe, it has met an accident and the dent was not properly fixed. So we let it go. A few meters later, the same car is beside us, and guess what I saw? There is a girl about age 3 ON THE LAP of the driver!!! Que horror! If the driver is the father, then how irresponsible can he get? He knows better than the kid, and he should know that isn't safe at all. Ane said, maybe that's why the vehicle has met an accident early on, because the driver doesn't care about road safety. Sigh. I can only shake my head in disbelief. Poor kid.

Enough ranting. I just wanted to blog about it. It's dinner time already. We're eating now. Later I will check out the net for some Festina watches , and then we're out for a movie! We're watching the new James Bond movie in Promenade. This is the first time Ane's allowing me in a movie theater since I got pregnant, so this is a big deal for me, hehe. TTFN!