Someone made a booboo this morning...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've been up since 515am, and everything has been pretty okay. The usual, I prepared breakfast and packed lunch for Ane and Bro, and sent them out. I ate. Then, Mommy requested me to do some editing of the brochure she made. I said I'll do it later, because I'm still sleepy I could not think.

But since Ivy is already turned on, I decided to do the editing stuff, just to get over it. And then here comes my brother, telling me that Ane mistakenly brought his car keys when Ane switched cars this morning. LOL! Yes there is a duplicate but the remote is low on battery, we can't let Tisay's alarm activated or the neighbors will complain!

So Mom went to work in a cab, and someone isn't in the mood anymore he decided to go back to sleep, and another in the office laughing at his own embarrassing moment :D

As for me, I'm done with the publication, emailed it already and is ready to hit the sack again :) Later I have to go look for bathroom vanities inspirations.