Today, November 1.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'll do this in bullets. I'm not feeling really well. Woke up past noon. Sheesh. Maybe I'll elaborate when I'm feeling better.
  • I'm staying home (Malabon) all day today. We already prayed for our dead relatives last night before my Aunt and cousins went home.
  • They (Aunt and cousins) went to QC to attend the Halloween party and Trick or Treat, the first for my niece Tori. She had a blast being "Princess Mumu", more like Black Bride to me because they did not put make-up on her anymore :) I still think she should have won the best costume award, hmp. Will look at and post some pictures later.
  • It's good that the weather is cooperating. Not too hot, neither too cold. It's always like this every year at this time on this part of the world. (side: Our friend Mae is experiencing her first winter season, rather early snow in Fall, in NJ. Hey girl, you ready with your UGG Boots, yet?)
  • We had Kare-kare for lunch, courtesy of MIL. Yum.
  • Today is our monthsary -- as Hunnies and married couple. I already stopped counting the number of months, LOL! We count annually na (yata). Nothing special to do. We're both stuck sitting in front of the PC (him) and Ivy (me), not even talking LOL! I hope he'll bring me home ice cream later, hehe..
  • He's going to the cemetery later with his parents to visit their dead relatives' graves. Won't go with them anymore cos they might stay late outside and it might rain.
  • Today is Digital Scrapbooking Day. I'm trying to snub the digiworldwide sales this weekend. I need to save. I just bought a grab bag (which includes a gorgeous kit, no regrets!) the other day. Shhhhhhhh...
  • I wanna scrap!!!
TTFN, I'm trying to clear my head...


Anonymous said...

no UGG boots yet... :/ la pa pambili eh hahahaha!