Sweat it out :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I did it!

I went back to the gym! I actually started on Monday, hoping to meet up with my new Personal trainer (PT). But he wasn't around coz I had to change my schedule the last minute. Just talked to the consultant and she also offered options for my bro. Yup! We're doing this together. On Monday, I just did some cardio and lotsa crunches (have an event on Saturday, and I badly need to fit in my dress!!). Today was my Fitness Test. I had to do it again coz I stopped going to the gym for a long time, remember? I'm still aching in the middle...did more crunches today! I was told today that I still have 35 PT sessions left, yay! So I'm gonna be working my a*s off in the next few weeks. I just hope I can keep going back for my sessions. I start officially on Friday.

The OB said I should lose at least 15lbs. The Consultant says 20! Oh my! Extra effort! On a happier note, I already lost 2lbs (and keeping it that way), just by watching my calorie intake (for the last two weeks). I get hungry all the time but it's good that I can stop myself from eating too much.

Will update you every now and then about thie "battle". Wish me luck! :)