Have a good one!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just dropping by to greet all of you Happy Holidays! I’ll be MIA for a couple of days or so.

See you when I get back from the short break!


Credits: Ornament by Misschifis Designs, Button by Thaliris Designs, Papers by Creashens

Our weekend

Monday, December 21, 2009

It was nothing extraordinary. We just stayed home most of the time and I didn’t really spend too much time in the internet. Boring but restful. Sunday was spent attending mass at Promenade and meeting Klaire’s mananahi afterwards. Then it was all sleep in the afternoon while the boys went to meet the parents in the mall. K and I would have tagged along but we decided that the boys will not bring Tisay and just ride the MRT (we anticipated that there will be lots of cars on the road it being the weekend before Christmas and parking would be equally crazy). I am fully recharged but I do not consider myself full of energy. I anticipate that this week (and the next) will be a bit stressful. But I am so looking forward to Christmas food!

Satisfied cravings?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just the other day, I listed “salad” as one of the current cravings. By that, I meant salad from TGIF because my taste buds were looking for that salad dressing served in Friday’s. Mom called on Thursday and said we could meet her in Galleria but we will  have to go somewhere else while she had her dinner with some friends. I was giddy and insisted that we go to Friday’s for an after-dinner snacks. Of course I ordered Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and we ordered the appetizer plate with Buffalo wings, potato skins and Mozzarella something.

If you think I was satisfied, wrong! Well, the salad dressing was what I was looking for but the ugly chicken strips negated the dish! They were thin, dry and overcooked, hard-to-chew and did not look grilled at all – more like grilled during lunch but no one ordered, re-heated on the grill in the afternoon but was still left behind and finally we ordered so they just had to throw it in the microwave because we won’t notice anyway. Hmp. Now if I got it my way, I would have complained. The potato skins were also cold already when brought to our table. Surely, our money is worth than just dry and cold food, right? Our time was limited and the branch just got lucky we were not in the mood to argue and that at least we enjoyed looking outside the store, at the people waiting for cabs.

So yes, I want another salad soon!!!!!!!!

Setting up your own clinic?

If you are a medical practitioner and you would like to open your own clinic, do you already know where to get your medical supplies? While you may be all set after the construction/renovation and furnishing of your office, it will still be empty without the necessary stocks you need for the operations. You might want to check out JazzMedical. This is a company that retails supplies via the internet. They are as advanced and large as the other online retailers within the United States. I checked their website and they are practically complete and the brand choices are vast too. Aren’t you glad that the internet can speed up things for you? Just a few clicks and you are really ready to serve your patients!

Karma will find its way to you…

I was out practically the whole day yesterday that when I got back home, I was a bit surprised with the conversations and thoughts in my private Twitter and in Flickr. A friend, also Ane’s friend’s wife, got scammed by someone she trusted and considered a friend ($2k!). Now this is an ugly subject to discuss in this season of joy and giving but “Jao’s” wife lost the last strand of patience and I understand where she is coming from. We’re talking about six months of broken promises and that is not funny.

I believe in karma. I hope that the “friend” realizes that all materials things will potentially get lost but trust and dignity are hard to regain.

Holiday Mode

Friday, December 18, 2009

It seems like everyone is already on holiday mode. I ran a few errands today and what do you know, traffic was still heavy at 10am as if it was still rush hour! I went to a bank and the teller did not look too happy to serve me, as if working for her has become a burden! I was out for an hour and  a half (had to leave again after lunch) but it seemed like forever.

Oh well, I thought holiday fever has caught me but I guess I am not there yet. Hmmm.

Christmas gift for the Paintball fanatic

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Won’t you agree that buying a gift for someone can get really challenging but things are made easier if the person is a big fan of something? Take for example my friend who loves playing paintball war games. He hinted to his wife that he would love a new paintball gun and one of the Tippmann A5 Packages would make his Christmas truly memorable. He even directed his wife to the Zephyr website in case the wife cannot afford the gun sets. Everything that has to do with paintball is available in that store. Oh well I think the wife is getting him additional body gear for his safety. I am sure he will equally appreciate that too.

Party Preps

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know I still owe an entry on Klaire’s 10th month update. I am still working on it. I am just excited to share that planning for K’s party is in full-swing. My party planner is Darla, a friend from HS (thank God for FB!) and she has been a big help. When we first met to discuss the party, all I had was a venue reservation and a theme in mind. Now, with a few weeks left to work on it, I can say that everything is in order. We have a schedule and we are currently right on track. Just the other day, I went back to the venue and met D and her business partner Carina so they can see the place.

I am doing the save-the-date, invites, ceiling drops, stage tarp and welcome tarp myself. I already finished the STD, already sent a copy of the invite to D for checking, ceiling drops ready for printing and the tarps layout 50% done.

Excited is an understatement. I am so giddy I think I’ll pee in my pants, LOL! Weeee!!

We were there…

Just after midnight on 28 November, I got a call from Mom saying that maybe we could run to the hospital (about 5minutes away without traffic) because Tatay T was showing bad signs. By then, he was already in the ICU for more than a week after he suffered a stroke and aneurysm. We did not know how bad it was but Ry and I drove to the hospital, initially to provide emotional support to Dad who was also on his way. We ran from the parking through the Emergency room (the guard allowed us in!) to the third floor ICU. Tito B was slumped outside on the floor, red-eyed.

That did not look right.

Dad went in and Tito B encouraged us to also go in. He said the staff will allow us given the circumstances. Aunt C was also inside. So I peeked and saw that the nurses and the doctors were pumping Tatay’s chest and I could hear the heart monitor continuously beeping.

We knew right there and then that we were going to be in the hospital longer than we planned.

Tatay’s heart miraculously went beating again. That was his second cardiac arrest for the night, within two hours. The resident doctor said that Tatay was still fighting but the damage caused by the loss of oxygen was still undetermined. We were instructed to wait by the emergency room for updates when Tatay’s surgeon came. The two arrests was reported to him, he said and that he will check on Tatay & inform us.

At around 135am, Tatay was declared brain-dead. The doctor explained it to us so well and in layman’s terms. He said that the eyes were not responding anymore (not dilating), there were no reflex anymore even if they pinch him, he was attached a respirator and that his heart was only beating because of the medicines. And then he said it: that the family should talk and decide whether the doctors will still have to revive him once the heart stops again.

By this time, Nanay and the rest of Dad’s siblings were on their way to the hospital. Nanay was still clueless about the recent events. As for us, we were just quiet hoping that we can change the inevitable.

Seeing someone being revived was not a good sight, especially that it was a loved-one. I felt my tummy doing somersaults and I got really hungry. Not a good feeling. Ry felt the same way so we decided to walk to the nearby 7-eleven and grabbed something to eat while we waited for the rest to arrive.  We saw them passed by the store so we walked back.

That walk was a record-breaker, I think. We also ran back upstairs to see them crying.

Tatay was having another cardiac arrest, the fourth for that morning. He had an attack while we were out.

The ladies were around Tatay’s bed, whispering and talking to him, touching him and trying not to cry. Aunt C could not take it any longer and walked back, gave me her robe. So I went to Tatay’s bed and saw that his feet are already dark and the monitors had that ugly beeping sound, as if saying there’s danger.

The resident doctor beside looked at the wall clock and said “259am”. I looked at the doctor’s eyes, trying to understand (well, I was denying it) what he was trying to say. He just gave me a soft nod, and I just bit my lower lip. Tatay was gone.

I ran to Dad and cried. I went out of the ICU because I did not want the other patients to feel death. Everything that followed was a blur except that I can remember Nanay holding on to me, wailing. Her BP also shot up that we had to let her take her medicine. Plans were hastily made. We went down and Dad instructed his siblings. Ry was left upstairs with Ninang I and Ninong F, and they saw when the male nurses took Tatay, all wrapped up, away.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

A friend just got married and they happily announced that they are going to Mexico for an Adults Only All Inclusive Vacation. Wow, they took my advice and booked at one of the Karisma Hotels! I guess my little sales talk (without the commission!) worked ;) I really think this is the perfect package for them so they could enjoy each other well during the honeymoon getaway. As the package implies, everything is already included in what they paid for. The food at El Dorado is known to be world-class and the amenities are also highly rated. She told me that their agent already coordinated and lined up the activities for the whole duration of their trip. Isn’t that great -- flying out to a nice destination with the agenda of just enjoying each other and without too much fuss? World-class accommodations at its finest, right?


Even before I got pregnant (and got married even), I wanted my future kids to call me Nanay. But when we learned about Klaire, Ane was not too keen to be called Tatay. Much to my disappointment, we agreed on Daddy and Mommy. Lately, though, Ane is having a change of heart. “Tatay” is beginning to sound sweet for him. So we started teaching K to say the word.

Ane: Ta…

K: Tuh…

Ane: Tay…

K: Tah…

Ane: No, baby, say Ta…(no reaction from K) Ta…

K: Tae! Tae! (Poo! Poo! *sounds like tah-yeh!*)


LOL! I almost fell from the bed because of too much laughing! And K probably thought she was saying something so adorable, she said the word again and again we could not stop laughing!

Free Prints

Yes, you read it right! Artscow is giving away free prinartscowfreets again to all of the members! This time they are giving out 800 prints (batches of 100 4x6s and 50 5x7s). And you just need to pay for the shipping! No hidden costs, I tell you!  I have been ordering my photos and photo books from them. So far, I am very much satisfied with the products. Even if you pay for shipping, the per print cost comes out still cheaper than if I have my photos printed here. I am waiting for my new batch of orders and I spent P800 less if I ordered from printers here. That’s big savings already! If you are not yet a member of Artscow, click here to register.

I can smell Christmas!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fifteen more days and it’s Christmas! We do not have decorations yet but the season cannot be stopped, right? Tomorrow we will go to the mall and buy K her Christmas dress and shoes. And then there are parties and get-together meet-ups to attend to. I am so sure I am will not be able to control eating that I might need weight loss supplements after the holidays are over. We have a few set-backs but I am certain the season will be embraced with love and happiness :)

December 7, 1932 – November 28, 2009

A few days shy of his 77th birthday, our grandfather Tatay Tony joined his Creator.

I was not able to spend enough time with him during the last few years of his life. I don’t know… I guess I just grew away. Time does that, I think. When I was too busy getting on with my life, I failed to visit him and Nanay as much as we used to. But I will vividly remember the memories I made with him when we were younger. We would spend Sunday lunches at their home, after attending mass. We would visit them at Ilog and stay overnight even if there was no electricity. Christmas Eve dinners were spent at their home together with all our cousins. We’d have games and before we go home to our respective houses, we’d line up for Tatay’s aguinaldo. Years from now, I think, when I look at old photos of Christmas Eve parties, I will still smile and remember those times.

This year, it is going to be unlike all past Christmases. Well it has been like that for the last 4 or five years but this year will be exceptionally different. So we’ll see.

I was there when the resident doctor declared that he already passed on. I will share that experience soon.

Believe it or not

I still haven’t gotten my groove back. I have a lot to share which include Tatay’s last few hours because I need to plus stories from the wake, and Klaire’s 10th month  & party preps update. I would like to attribute this laziness to the weather (it’s beginning to be really chilly for me) but it has always been hard for me to go back to my normal routine when I get stumped for too long. I just received a new batch to work on sp I am hoping that will give me the jumpstart that I need all along.

Good for him

I got news that one of the boys that used to work for us, Art,  is now in Riyadh to earn a living for his small family of four. This makes me proud because even though our working relationship is short-lived, he is now working in the same industry: food business. When we hired him, he was just out of high school which means he did not have any work experience. I am sure he is able to apply everything that he has learned from us from personal hygiene to food service to catering skills like skirting to cooking even. He is there to save money so he and his wife (a former crew from our restaurant, too) can soon build their own house.

Planning for your Vacation?

Monday, December 07, 2009


If you are planning for your annual family vacation next year, you might want to consider  one of the destin fl hotels. Just look at that view! The beach stretch is one of the most beautiful in the world! Each hotel and resort are fully equipped for that vacation you dreamed about. There are activities and food that your family will surely enjoy.

Someday, I want to go to Florida to experience this first hand.

Klaire’s Pedia Visit


Abi’s well-baby check-up was scheduled on November 24. She was also scheduled to have her measles vaccine shot. We were number 4 on the list when we arrived only because the first three kids came together. We were a little too late hehe. And then Dr. A got stuck in heavy traffic jam so we had to wait for more than an hour. Our little K loves people-watching; she likes it when she sees people, especially kids, around. Just do not touch her, LOL! When the nurse had to take her temperature and measurements, she started crying. She is now 8 kilos; she gained 700 grams from the last weigh-in! And she grew 3cms :) She was cheerful the whole time we were waiting for the doctor. All that changed when we entered the office. I still  believe that K remembers Dr. A and he would poke needles at her every time we visit. She’s at the stage when she’s nangingilala (she only prefers me and Aiza; only me when we’re out!) and she was extra anxious at the doctor’s. Doc A even had a hard time listening to her chest and back! It goes without saying that she was squirming when I had to put her on the table, on her tummy so the nurse and doctor can inject the vaccine on her butt. Major cry-fest! Anyway, she was given the a-ok stamp, we just have to look out for those rashes on the face :)

They are going on a trip

A friend is doing a cross-country trip with her family and they will have a few days spent in South Carolina. She asked me if I have an idea where they can stay for the short period. I told her to check out myrtle beach vacation rentals and she might like it. The rates are quoted on a weekly basis (cheaper than hotel rates, if you ask me) and the units are fully furnished already. I am sure her kids will enjoy the stay!

Changing permissions

I dunno what got to me but I had the sudden urge to put my Flickr photos into private mode where only friends and family can see. I’ve been contemplating on doing this for weeks already and decided to do it now. Maybe I am just trying to find an excuse to not work yet, LOL! Hey at least that can be considered a productive activity, eh?!

Anyway, I will still share pictures publicly but only when I am able to put watermarks on them. Kuya J and Mom are already in my ‘family’ list. For the rest, friends included, please sign up to Flickr using your yahoo account and add me up – it won’t take too long and you need not use it to store photos – so you can view pictures :)


Gift for Klaire

Christmas is not turning out to be what I imagined it. Well, I am still thankful for the blessings that came and are still coming our way but there are things beyond our control that came late this year. We haven’t bought any decorations yet! We also still do not have gifts for the family, even for K. I would have wanted to buy her a new pair of earrings and probably a Gold Initial Pendant, similar to this one, she can wear to her party. But I guess all those will have to wait. We are buying her a nice dress for Christmas, and that’s about it.

Anyway, there is still next year, when Abi will be more appreciative of the season :)

Sensitive skin

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our little Klaire is not sickly. What worries me the most about her right now, though, is her sensitive skin. She is prone to insect bites and when she is bitten, the skin is left with an ugly mark (which I know will eventually fade anyway). And then there are the rashes, on the face! When the weather gets hot, her face would turn red with rashes. It does not help that when she is cranky, she rubs her face with her hands or on pillows and blankets which irritates the skin more, and her crying makes her face even hotter. The rashes would go away when its cold so her Pedia did not prescribe any ointment.

Last week, we stayed in the wake longer than we should. Ane texted that we should be going home already because the baby started to get really fussy, looking for me. Probably because of too much crying, when we got home Klaire’s face was red with rashes and there were two scratches that turned into wounds. Poor baby. I cannot even let myself take her picture because I don’t want this face in our memory.

Today I noticed that the rash is slowly drying up and going away. I really hope it goes away soon! Sigh.

Getting my groove back

Friday, December 04, 2009

I had very limited internet time for the last few days. It meant just checking my emails, that’s about it.  We travelled daily for an hour or so, one way, since Saturday to be at Tatay’s wake. By the time we would get home, I was too tired to even turn Santino on. We also left Klaire at home 3 out of six times, so it was QT with her before bedtime. We’d get home really late and she would still be up waiting for me, poor baby.

I missed a lot of things and I am having a hard time getting back on track. I’ll try my best to post those backlog stories.

It is going to be a hectic week

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I asked for a short break from the writing job because I need to attend to family for now. See, our Tatay (Dad’s father) passed away in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. I was getting ready to check out designs of faucets for a friend when Mom said we should go to the hospital at around midnight. I wish I can say I have the energy to share the experience; we were there when the doctors could not revive him anymore at 259am.  Needless to say, I will write about it soon. The memory will forever be etched in my mind and heart (it was pretty stressful and kinda traumatic but I was thankful I was there to say goodbye even if he could not hear me anymore) but I guess I need to write it down as my way of letting go.

Eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord. And let Your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Google Wave

Friday, November 27, 2009

The wave caught the Bebots today. Everyone seems busy figuring out how Google Wave works. It looks confusing at first I am sure once we’re all used to this platform, we’re all going to enjoy it. When everyone’s there, I think we can retire Twitter already for personal tweets and just go there and chat away. I believe this is a promising application but since this  is just in limited preview, a lot of things can still be improved. I am just glad that we are one of the few ones who get to try it out. Check here if you would like to know more :)

Biggest Loser Asia

I missed the first episode on Tuesday. But googling, I found out that the excitement did not start as the official contestants were not announced yet. I do not consider myself obese (I don’t need to be sent to a weight loss austin clinic!) but watching how the participants work their way to losing weight, at least for the US episodes, I get inspired to be fit. I just need to stop myself from overeating, LOL!

Anyway, I will try to catch the episode next week. I really hope more Filipinos get into the program!

Princess and the Frog

This latest Disney offering opened in New York and LA on November 25. Somehow, this new movie caught my attention. I love Disney movies!

Disney strayed from the norm this time by making Princess Tiana hail from South Africa. I love that gown by the way! Tiana is voiced by theater artist and Tony Award Winner, Anika Noni Rose. The voice of Oprah Winfrey was also borrowed for this movie as Tiana’s mom. The setting is in New Orleans of the Jazz Age and Tiana the regular girl works as a waitress. This is also the first time in six years that Disney is not employing CG characters. Instead, they went back to the old-fashioned hand-drawn cartoons!

I am sure this will become a classic just like Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid and the rest. It will be shown in all of US by December 11. I wonder when they’ll show it here? And I wish Abi is old enough to appreciate this movie!

Green Shopping

My Twitter account has been abuzz for the last few days with, yes you guessed it, shopping talk! Who would not want to shop on Black Friday?! I feel the excitement over the loots will continue until next week, especially that there is still Cyber Monday to look forward to. Hey, that’s green shopping at its finest! :) I am staying away from the online stores for now, though. Even if I have the money, I am saving it for Klaire’s birthday party.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll just go window shopping until it hurts my eyes, eh?! LOL! 


Thanksgiving in the Philippines is usually celebrated during Christmas and New Year. But having friends in the US made me experience a first-hand party/gathering, only it was online via Twitter :) Yes, we had an online party and shared what we are thankful for today. It was hosted by Glo, the same lady who hosted an online birthday party in August. Once again, it was a blast. Socializing with the Bebots will always be fun, fun, fun! Of course there were prizes given away. I actually won two bottles of Victoria Secret lotion from Peachy when I guessed Dom’s waistline :)  The grand prize was a bundle of two gifts and everyone crossed their fingers that the randomizer will pick her name!

necklace new-moon-movie-companion-book

Aren’t those to die for? That’s a Coach Necklace and New Moon Movie Companion book! Litzie was sooo lucky!!

Thank you  ladies for a wonderful party!!

You can ask Me!

The husband and the brothers would often tease me that I was a cab driver in my past life. This is only because I can point directions and say where the best route is. Most of the time, I am correct. Yes even when going to a place I’ve only been to once. But there are times that I need to consult the map or sometimes I am put on the spot, in the car already, when I need to quickly say where to go. I do not mind but I get kinda yelled at when I confuse my left with my right. LOL! Did I just confess I am a moron?!?! LOL! You know, when I know in my head where exactly we need to go yet my mouth says otherwise?! I think I need to get the husband his own gps. Well, at least the talking lady in the machine will never snap back, right?! :)

DH and DD

Monday, November 23, 2009

It cannot be denied anymore, she is truly her father's daughter :) Not that I ever doubted it but I had this fantasy that my DD is Ding Dong Dantes' kid (I was really fond of this local hunk artist when I was pregnant!), LOL!

New neighbors

For the past couple of weeks, we noticed that the house next door is full of activity. They started with cleaning the house and then furniture and appliances started to be delivered. New ones, if I may share. They had new beds, new washing machines and I wouldn’t be surprised if they will have new ceramic tiles installed, too.

We already met (kind of) the head of the house and he was gracious enough to smile and say hello to us. I am hoping to have a peaceful and friendly relationship with them because they seem to be nice folks anyway :)

Andie’s First Birthday Party


Abi was invited to another birthday party. This time, it was the first birthday party of Mich’s second daughter, Andie. It was held on Saturday in VV6, Pasig. The theme was sunflowers and lady bugs. Such a cute theme! Andie came in her lady bug costume which made her even more adorable :) DSC_0935

The invite said it will start at 3pm so by 230pm, we were ready to go! We got there early, and there were still only a few guests who arrived. We had a lot of time to take pictures and I am guessing Klaire got tired from all those posing, LOL! We helped ourselves to some fries by Potato Corner and Ice Cream by FIC. Abi’s too young to enjoy the Inflatable Play Area and the Mini Carousel. But I think she enjoyed the colors that she saw, and all those kids running around!

The party host was Alex Lagula and he did a good job keeping the kids’ attention. Abi scored a toy mobile phone during the bring me contest with the help of Daddy :D And I was able to grab a balloon from the balloon burst. Now I do not know if the balloon I got is for someone else because I saw it on the foot of one of the ladies and promptly grabbed it, LOL! Stage Mommy in the making, eh?!

The highlights of the day would be bringing home a lady bug nail cutter (attached to the loot bucket) and one of the two big lady bug mylar balloons from the stage :)

Thanks Mich and Marlon for having us! :)

Better Accounting System for you

If you own a business and find that doing and recording inventory takes so much time and effort, then maybe you need a system like the ones offered in www.posguys.com. I remember when I used to manage a restaurant, our lives became so much easier when we installed a POS machine. Maybe you would like to consider today having one in your business especially that the year is about to end and annual inventory checks are in order.

New Moon

I honestly did not expect I’d be able to watch it on the first day. A lot has happened the past week that all my hopes faded right away. I really though I’d get behind everyone else. But come Thursday early evening, there was a window of opportunity that I instantly ran to Promenade to get us tickets! Yes, I caught the movie on the first day with Ane, brother R and A.

We were running late for the 420pm showing that we left the boys to park the car while we buy us snacks. Outside the theater, it was full of high school girls (and boys) that I knew we’re in for a ride. I was correct. The audience was too hyper to the point of getting all the older ones (like us, LOL!) really annoyed because of the noise totally unrelated to the movie! But I ooohhed and ahhhhed and squealed with the rest, as if on cue. Hehe.


Now I did not re-read the book before watching but I am satisfied with the movie, as I remember the book. I expected that Jacob will shine in this episode, and he did not disappoint. Just look at those abs! I liked him better when he got a haircut, I find clean looking men really sexy :)

Bella is Bella – sweet, beautiful and boring in the sense that her emotions are not really shown. Is it the character or simply how Kristen portrayed the role? Hmmm. From the very beginning, I see Bella as someone who cannot express her emotions.

And Edward? It’s always been him :) So even if Jacob outshone him in this movie (which is how it should be), my heart belongs to the cold vegetarian :)

I want to watch Twilight and this one over again. And I am going to borrow the books again so I can relive the words :)

Long Day

Friday, November 20, 2009

I started the day pretty early at 530am. We had an errand to our little suburban province and it did not include anything about cattle supplies. We went there to show support to Dad. Anyway, I thought it would be easy leaving little Klaire with Ane, but alas, she woke up and felt that I was leaving! There was a little scene but I guess she got tired and fell asleep again after we were gone.

We got to our destination and was pleased that there were lotsa others who are showing support. Good thing I brought our camera along so I was automatically assigned as the photographer of the day!

I had a good rest after lunch then we were off to see New Moon! Yes, we watched it on the first day and I have no regrets! I will blog more about it when I have a bit more time. For now, I need to focus and do some work. I have a deadline tomorrow at 5pm and we already have appointments at 10am and 3pm! So I guess I’m not gonna sleep tonight eh?


Havaianas Mega LO bag

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I got this newsletter from Havaianas but never opened it until tonight. See, I consider myself a recovering addictus with the tsinelas so imagine my surprise when I finally read the newsletter and found bags! Wow :) I especially like this one:



If the price is right, I’d like to use it as a diaper bag. It is something that the boys won’t mind bringing for me, hehe. I showed this to Ane and I got this initial nod with him telling me we’ll find out first how much it costs, LOL!

I’ll have one of these. I can feel it hahaha.

Trip to the Dentist

Monday, November 16, 2009

We were out almost the entire day. K and I accompanied Badong to the dentist for an emergency visit. His jacket needed some fixing and when my cousin saw that just fixing it won’t do, we knew we’d stay there for long. Ane had to endure root canal procedure and I am amazed that it is much more manageable (for both dentist and patient) to do this procedure compared to years ago when I had a molar done. Back then I had to go back to the doctor’s clinic a total of 6 times, once every week (or maybe because I was afraid of the syringe so the old dentist had to ask me to go several times to ‘kill’ the nerves without using the needle?!LOL!).

I also took the opportunity to have my prophylaxis done since it was a long drive going there and it’s been a while since my last visit. Needless to say, I got a little sermon for not returning sooner and I should be religiously going there every six months! Heehee. I promise! I promise! Next visit: May 2010.

My teeth feel and look squeaky clean ;D

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomorrow, heavy traffic jams and crimes will be non-existent on the roads of Manila and maybe even in the entire country. Why?


Manny Pacquiao will have another fight in his attempt to acquire his 7th World Title. If he wins against Cotto tomorrow, he will be the first boxer to ever achieve that goal.

My family is again watching it live in Araneta. We weren’t able to buy tickets for ourselves because we thought Badong had to work. So we are staying home yet again and will just have to watch via live streaming. I hope our internet provider won’t disappoint!

Thank You, Mamita!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let me share with you what my Exchange Gift Mommy gave me:


Yes, I was given what was first in my list! :) I do not mind the color. I know I said I wanted the black one but this works perfectly fine :) She also gave little Abi this:


Uh-huh, it’s the shirt she wore to Dom’s party :) Suot agad pagkalaba, LOL! My Mamita actually just sent me the money to buy these things. Just last week, I was kinda losing heart that the Grendha model that I wanted is not available anymore. But this morning, I was thinking aloud about wanting a specific model when the saleslady said maybe she still has what I was looking for. And viola! :) You can say I am a happy girl! Thank you, Mommy!

p.s. I just found out today that Grendha is owned by the same company which owns Ipanema. No wonder both brands have that nice feel on the feet :)

Get those Accounts ready

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Dom’s Party

Dominique of Peachy and Gelo turned one year old and Abi was invited to attend the party in Makati on November 8. The set-up was very colorful and pretty, so fitting to the theme “Candy Land”. The set-up was so amazing that Abi gasped in appreciation the moment we entered the venue.

Mommy Peachy did a good job preparing for this party. The reactions on the kids’ faces cannot deny that. They had so much fun and I am sure they also enjoy all the loots they collected. The party was a hit for both kids and adults! Booths were Potato Corner and Champola. There was also a Starbucks booth and another booth for Mini Cupcakes by Sonja.

The entertainment was also special. I was pretty impressed by the balloon artist who twisted a basket of flowers for Abi :) The highlight of the day was the appearance Wanlu! Starstruck moment! :) I had fun watching him while Abi slept in my arms. Yes, she slept, LOL! She woke up in time for the bubble show but she got scared with the bubbles! I was worried she’d make a scene when it was our turn for the giant bubble, but she just observed what the girl was doing. Thanks, Litzie for this picture!

litz1 Thanks Peachy for having us! It was nice meeting you and your family :)


ps. This post reminds me that there is another party that I forgot to blog about, that of Jickie’s Jaqs’ Up Party! Let’s see if I get to blog about that too :)

pps. Dom’s party turned the hyper mode in my Party planning for K’s party in January! :D


Long overdue I know, but as I always say, I am posting this for my memory :)

We only confirmed that the Halloween party here would push through one week before October 31. We weren’t ready, we didn’t even have a costume for little K. We bought some candies and cookies for the loot bags. For the loot bags, I just bought some brown paper bags and accentuated  them with orange and black art paper. Too bad I was not able to take a better picture of the bags ready to be given away during the trick or treat.

For Abi’s costume, as you all know by now, we just bought a headband with tiger ears and wore it with her yellow dress. I am so glad that she was okay with something on her head :)

Like last year, we invited Tori over to join us. She arrived with her Mom and Dad, Lolo and Lola and Mamadz. We had a separate and small party at home! :) Mommy Ellen cooked some Ginataang Bilobilo, yummy!

The party at the clubhouse started with the pabitin for kids younger than two years old. I was able to grab some for Abi but my yellow cub got upset with all the noise!


Tori on the other hand got upset about another kid’s scary costume that we just decided to stay on the sidelines, by the pool and play ;)


While the rest of the kids ate merienda, we waited at home for the trick or treating to start. Ours is usually the second unit kids go to, so we know we won’t miss the call for house-hopping :) The boys played RockBand Beatles while we waited.


And then when the sun started to set, we heard the kids running outside. It was time to get loots! :) Mommy took care of giving away our loot bags while we went around to fill our bag!


We ended the day by sharing a nice dinner of Teriyaki Pork & Chicken and some buttered vegetables. It was a tiring yet fun day. We’ll do it again next year! :)


I had a chance to look around the cosmetics area in the department store. I was actually window-shopping for a moisturizer and foundation because these are missing in my stash at the moment. I honestly didn’t have any idea what I should be looking for and I admit I am not the best person to seek advice about make-up. There is so much I still need to learn!

I should have paid attention to my personality development classes in high school. Now if I want to learn about make-up extensively, my only chance is enrolling in a Cosmetology School! There is one in Minneapolis that has been existing for more than 50 years. And there are 30 more campuses across nine states. Well, I know it will be too expensive to pursue that so I will have to look for a similar school which can offer the same curriculum as Regency. It has to be that same in terms of mirroring high end salons and is able to provide excellent education that will benefit me and the society I am in.

I want my Bubbles!

This morning, I had the chance to stroll in the mall without my loves. While it felt liberating to be alone, I started to miss them and got bored when my money ran out, LOL! I was there just to buy some stuff while Ane went to bring our laundry home. Poor Ane got stuck in traffic going there and coming back for me that you can just imagine what I needed to do to keep myself entertained! Until I got really tired and knew I had to sit down somewhere not too crowded.


I ended up at Bubble Tea! The last time I had my favorite Almond Milk Tea was before I got pregnant. That was ages ago! :D There were no other customers except for one person so going to this store was a good choice! I also ordered some Yaki Fry which had that weird aftertaste; Ane finished it for me. My milk tea was how I remembered it but the bubbles seemed like they should have been cooked a little more.

Fight those fats!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I came across an interesting article by Veronica Byrd on Shine via Yahoo. She said that there are foods that are good fat fighters. See, I told you, it’s interesting! :) She listed eight items and I am sharing them with you:

  1. Almonds. These are high in alpha-linolenic acid that helps speed up the metabolism of fats. This makes me smile because I love love almonds!
  2. Berries. These fruits, strawberries and raspberries for instance can burn up to 30 percent  more fats during exercise. There’s the keyword, exercise, LOL!
  3. Cinnamon. Having this on your food may avoid the insulin spike that usually happens after a meal when the brain signals the body to store fat rather than burn it. Oatmeal, yogurt and coffee are best partners.
  4. Mustard. This can slow down the growth of fat tissues.
  5. Soy Beans. These beans are rich in choline which is a compound known to stop fat absorption and are able to break down fatty deposits.
  6. Sweet Potatoes. These are high in fiber that will stop drastic insulin jumps. Just beware of the passing gas afterwards, LOL!
  7. Oranges. This citrus yummy contains flavones which are known fat-torching compounds.
  8. Swiss cheese. There is a study that says food rich in calcium helps reduce fat-producing enzymes and hastens fat breakdown.

So the next time you re-stock your pantry, think of these items while in the grocery. Or better yet, include them in your list!

Health Card

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am feeling lucky that my husband’s employer subsidizes the monthly premiums of our health cards, much like those Blue Cross NC accounts. My hypertension problem, which is pretty much controlled now, is being monitored for free. I say we’ve already maximized our payments. The blood tests alone (I’ve had three so far, and another one before the year ends) can strain our budget too much that I am just glad these are covered. And for Klaire, we don’t pay for the Pedia’s PF anymore plus we get discounts on the vaccines.

If you and your family don’t have health cards yet, then maybe you would consider it.

Something positive

Just the other day, someone left a message in my cbox in the other blog. She said “Keep in mind that speaking negative about someone will only in turn speak negative of you.” I had to contemplate it because it sounded vague. I also tried to remember if there was something about my posts that can get offensive. Well, I try to keep my posts positive and I do not blog if there is something that bothers me. Because I know that I will only type harsh words that I cannot take back once I get it published.

So paranoid as I am, I messaged the person and asked her if she can tell me where that came from. But alas, she said there is nothing wrong with my blog and that she just wanted to share a thought. Whew :)

In the future…

I would love to start talking about building our home. I would like to be able to say we went shopping for furniture, garden supplies, some Grohe faucets, and appliances. I would like to plan for the blessing and housewarming and welcome family and friends into our home. I will have my own work room where I can blog, scrap and do other crafts.

These will happen. These will happen.

He brought home a calculator…


It is actually a mobile phone!


It is a Cherry Mobile P1 unit, a super basic one at that, because it is only for calling and texting (three lines only and does not have colored monitor LOL!). The contacts cannot even be saved in the internal memory. It is so basic I doubt pickpockets will choose to take it away, LOL! Maybe we should get this unit for Gi? Haha. I want one for myself, just because it’s cute :)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have been palpitating since yesterday, but it’s not the whole day. There are just moments that I feel my heart is beating too fast and as if there is something heavy on my chest. I just feel weird. My BP is 130/90 for the last couple of days. I feel heavy and bloated. I think I really need to work on my diet really soon.

I’m going to retire early tonight. I think I need to rest and get a full night’s sleep.

Big Toy Sale!

The Richwell Kidz Kraze Sale is back this year. I know a lot of Mommy friends are waiting for the event because they got good deals from the past years.


I first heard of this last year. I was still heavily pregnant and didn’t want to risk it by going through a thick crowd, grabbing items. I normally hate it, I mean going to sales events because I can get really cranky when my personal space is violated, hehe. But then we need to be practical these days, right? My only obstacle is having Ane’s approval. I’m thinking we can get nice give-away toys for Klaire’s party. We’ll see!

Stop me from eating!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

If there is one person in this house who might need some appetite suppressants, that would be me! I do not understand why I cannot control my food intake, especially rice. I was kind of deprived while I was pregnant, but hello, last I checked I gave birth nine months ago! And the snacks! What can I do to limit the snacks!? Healthy eating is my only savior at this time. But first, let me control my emotions when the husband reminds me the obvious, that I should watch what I eat because you know, my belly and hips are suffering. :p

Klaire: 9 Months

Long overdue post!

Little Klaire turned nine months old on 30 October.


Watch her grow!

Mom was here in time for the little celebration so we had more than the cake for the celebration :) Badong bought a cake from Conti’s and we had some Miki-Bihon and Chicken delivered from Savory. Then later in the night, we decided to get some ice cream, too :)

At nine months, she is 300 grams short on weight but her Pedia said that is normal especially that she got colds and coughs a few days before the weigh-in and her appetite was really low. There is no cause for worry because she's healthy, active and sleeps well at night. She was given the go-signal to eat table food.

I think she has already gained weight as of this writing because she got all excited eating table food! She would eat three times a day with snacks of crackers and juice in between. She doesn't have teeth yet, though. My cousin who is a dentist advised that I can help those cutters come out by massaging the gums with a toothbrush. See, Abi is not too fond of teething toys, she's rather play with Mareng Minnie, her books and even just plastic bags and wrappers!

She has become one active baby. She can now stand on her own and holds it for more than 20 seconds, even dances when her balance is good. She refuses to stand though on hard surfaces, she's too coward for that yet. She crawls and lunges fast and covers the bed in a second. She likes watching people, gets awed when she sees them walk around. However, when she's given attention by people she doesn't know, she gets cranky and shoos them away with her hand. She smiles and laughs a lot and loves her picture taken. But she loves it more when she sees herself in the camera monitor or the computer.

She has learned to manipulate us by screaming and crying when there is something that she wants. Believe me, it can get really frustrating! Such a personality! She demands for me or for Aiza most of the time, and just wants to be carried.

We had her ears pierced and her hair is getting thicker and longer. She gets all red when it is hot, just look at those rashes on the face (ugh!). And she's still a nice target for bugs even if we clean the room and house and spray her with anti-bug solution.

She wakes up around 10am, naps throughout the day for thirty minutes and sleeps at night around midnight. She asks for milk once in the middle of the night but falls asleep right away.

She experienced her first Trick or Treat activity here in the compound and I think she enjoyed seeing all those kids.

Here are the pictures for the month of October.

I hope I did not forget anything! Years later I know I will check this blog and remember how our Little Klaire is progressing. :)

Temporary Shelter

One of our plans it to invest in homes for rent in the future but not for long-term leases. We’ll probably invest in some condominium units, furnish them fully and have them rented our for transients. I heard this is a lucrative business because there are expats who come here and stay only for a week or a few months. Some of these visitors opt for clean and well-maintained units rather than checking in a hotel. It saves them money.

Oh I really hope this plan works out!!

Dom’s Party (preview)

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I took a break and got myself a life (outside of home, LOL!). Abi and I (with Aiza) attended Dom’s bonggang Candy Land First Birthday Party in Makati during lunch today. Badong was not able to go with us because he had a tourney to play in.

I will try to find the time to blog more about it. I am waiting for the pictures. I didn’t bring a camera because I knew Abi will be a handful.

Have you noticed how my personal posts are all previews for the last couple of weeks? Sigh. Need to find time to really blog soon.

Remember this?

Saturday, November 07, 2009


This is the sandal that I fell in love with in September. I finally had the money to buy it so today I drove to SM Cubao to buy it. It was a long shot and I was right. It is not there anymore. I felt really sad that there are no more stocks available and the other designs didn’t give me that skip-a-heartbeat feeling. I will try to go to another SM and see if they still have this design. Otherwise, I just might settle with something else :( 

McDonald’s Coke Glasses


The first time Coke glasses were offered in McDo, we heard about it too late. We were not able to get any because it was already towards the end of the promo. This time around, I saw the ad in one of the blogs and was paying attention to tv commercials. I texted Ane right away the other day but the glasses are not available in the Greenhills branch. Finally yesterday, without even prompting the husband to drop by any McDo, he went home with two glasses! Weee! We now own the Green and Charcoal colored glasses (not plastic, unlike the first edition!). The quality is really nice, one that will probably not break too easily. The brand is Luminarc, which I think is a good brand. The colors are nice, too! You bet we’re going to collect all six! :)

Holiday Pair of Glasses

Friday, November 06, 2009

My five-month old pair of spectacles was initially beyond repair (the shop redeemed itself and repaired it at no cost, but it’s not the same anymore) so I am back to a basic unstylish pair for now. How I wish I can have another pair like this Holiday Fun Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical:



While browsing for other styles, I saw that the shop’s New Arrivals also tickle my fancy. But since I virtually can only afford $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses, that is where I spent more time browsing.

My Brother’s Offender

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I was getting ready to work just before lunch today when we received a call from my youngest sib. He was at some police station because he caught someone taking his mobile phone from his pocket at the MRT!

offenderWe are just grateful that my brother did not get hurt and was in the right mind to just ask the station guard for help! The phone was not recovered though, because this person was able to pass the phone on to his accomplice who was left behind inside the train when he alighted (and my brother followed him). This man confessed to the crime.

To teach this person a lesson, we filed a qualified theft case against him at the Fiscal’s office. He will be in jail until he is able to pay the bail and we will just wait for the court to summon my brother for the hearings. I know this will hassle us, especially G (he still has to attend school you know) but we figured we want to make a point and let this person know that he can’t get away from this that easily.

The justice system in this country is so slow that the thieves are encouraged to do these crimes. They feel that they won’t spend that much time in jail anyway because after they have bailed out, the hearings can go on forever and they can continue doing their activities while on temporary freedom! This is also why a lot of victims do not bother anymore because they know nothing will come out of it anyway, too.

We put this person in jail, although temporary, not because we are fighting to get the phone back or let him pay for the loss. We are fighting for principles and showing this person that you cannot mess with this family and that stealing is simply wrong. While we all work to have a decent living and provide for our needs and wants, other people violate that by taking things they do not deserve.

It is the Christmas season and the national elections will be next year. Crime rates increase during these times, this is a fact. Be safe and attentive, you all!   

Additional Car Insurance

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I have been reading and comparing auto insurance quotes as research materials for the project I am working on. Well, I realized that a basic third party liability plus comprehensive and collision coverage aren’t enough to keep the worries away. If you have the extra money to pay for the premium, why not invest on mechanical breakdown insurance, as well? It will take care of cover parts, labor and repairs to vehicles that are not usually covered in a basic no-fault coverage. I really think it is a matter to be considered.

Then and Now

I had this idea to have Ane take my picture on the same spot, one year apart. Here’s why:


See what happened within a year?! When last year we were mere spectators in the Halloween Party, this year we were already a part of it, and got loots to boot  :) It is amazing how fast time passed by. Before I know it, Klaire will be a year old!

Yellow Cub

Monday, November 02, 2009

Since I can’t find the right organized thoughts to type, I am sharing this picture as a teaser:


K attended her first ever Halloween/Trick or Treat Party in our community. Look how cute she is! I am going over all the photos from the last three days and I hope to upload them in the days to come. I was busy during the previous days that my energy level is too low. But! I think I ate too much that if I don’t hit the gym again (must be soon!) I might have to take those fat burners instead!

Please watch out for more pictures and better blog entries! I leave you with this image of our little K with all her loots (that’s she’s not allowed to eat yet, LOL! Believe me, the Ninong was all excited to get them!):



It is two in the morning. Why do I always get the hunger pangs at this hour?!

And why am I still awake when I’ve had the longest three days of my life? Well, I am trying to blog and trying to squeeze out the words from my brain. I have so much to share but I can’t organize my thoughts. Tsk.

I am bothered by a dry cough. Maybe that’s why. Please. I don’t want to get sick again.

Home for a few hours

Klaire and I spent about a couple of hours in our home while we waited for Ane and his parents. They went to the cemetery and we decided to stay behind. We didn’t have internet there. I planned to edit some pictures but the baby refused to nap! So we spent some time playing and watching tv. It’s been a while since the tv was turned on because we are hardly home. I am a self-confessed television buff so I still dream that one day when we are already settled, we can have one of those plasma tv’s and plasma mounts like this:


Oh well, I hope our future home will be big enough to accommodate something like this!

Klaire is Nine Months Today

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our darling Abi turned nine months today! Where did the time go?!


I have more pictures to share (we celebrated at home with a cake, ice cream, pancit and soy chicken). And of course the monthly updates, for my time caplsule. But I am running out of time! At least half of what I planned to do today aren’t done yet (and it’s 8pm!).

Later, I promise! :D

Nursing a headache

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After the colds last week, I am having a headache tonight. I don’t know why my head suddenly hurt before dinner. I know it is not because of lack of sleep because I got to nap this afternoon. Well, I should have skipped eating that slice of Black Forest cake from Red Ribbon! I think the chocolate triggered this. I wish I can just pop one or two sleeping pills but I can't afford to lose precious time, I have some tasks to do! I am resting my eyes in a bit for a few minutes before I continue working.

Abi using Santino :)

Abi using Santino :)
Originally uploaded by kaje
As early as now, we figured we'd have competition in Abi in using the desktop or Santino, the lappy. She has become really observant and loves to explore the keyboard. She would "type" on the keyboard and look at the monitor to check if something happened. :) In this video, she was exploring a kids' website and seemed to enjoy it too much. We let her do it, as long as she's happy :)

I am just worried she would void the lappy's warranty! LOL!

Nice idea :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

While on a break from working, I turned on the television and saw an episode of a home makeover show. They installed a really nice pond  with koi and some aquatic plants in the backyard. Believe me when I say that the pond supplies they used are really wonderful that I daydreamed we have a similar set-up in our future home. I hear that water element can bring harmony in one’s surroundings so a pond would be perfect, right?

That is what I love about watching make-over shows, I get inspired and I gather ideas :)

Hungry at 2am

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I just finished my Adgitize task of bloghopping. It was a quick one for tonight. Before that, we watched Kimmy Dora (don’t ask where and how), and it gave me a good laugh I want to watch it again. Next in line is “And I Love You So,” but I guess that will have to wait. :D

Now I am hungry. I came across KitchenDeelite’s post about pasta today and I particularly craved the one with vegetable/mushroom sauce! Yummy-yum to the highest level, LOL!

And because it is past 2am already, maybe I should just ignore the hunger pangs and sleep it off, noh?


Happy Birthday Yang!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My brother turned a year older today. Although I am feeling sick, I didn’t want to miss the family dinner. Mom planned to have a shabu-shabu dinner and I thought the steam from the hot pot will help me a bit with the colds (which it did!). So I am not at all regretting that I went with them. And I rested all day and accompanied Mom for a pedicure appointment before our dinner date.

More on this day when I am able to fix my schedule again 9I have pictures of Abi in her new red shirt dress!). I have been stalling and I need to go back to work even if the sniffles are still here.

I need to rest more tonight.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am feeling a bit under the weather so there is nothing really worth sharing at this point. I just know I need to rest tonight. My throat hurts and my head’s heavy, I hope this will not turn into full blown colds.

Abiby is doing fine. We went to her Pedia for the monthly visit and she was not prescribed any meds for her coughs anymore because it is not needed. Will share more on that when I feel better. Thanks for praying for our little Klaire :)


image source

Sickie Update

Monday, October 19, 2009

The happy Abiby is back. She now eats and takes the bottle. She’s active yet again and I worry less now. She was able to sleep well last night (and early), and actually slept through until four in the morning. She would sneeze and mucus would be expelled (sorry too graphic, LOL!). Her coughs got worse, though, and that is what I am looking out for. I am glad we didn’t have to rush her to the doctor or the ER today  but we’re definitely pushing through with her check-up tomorrow.

I still didn’t take any jobs today, I am waiting until she’s all well or until her Pedia says she’ll be fine soon. Thanks Zanne, for the offer of help (responding to previous post comment) but I can still manage :)

Good night for now, folks!

Sickie in the house :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Klaire is sick. It started as a runny nose on Thursday afternoon that got worse the next day. I knew I should have left her at home yesterday but I felt we needed some family bonding time that I decided against my instincts :( Bad Mommy!

She had a very rough night last night. She started coughing when we got home and refused to eat and drink her milk. She was catching her breath and resorted to crying her lungs out. She would fall asleep and wake up after thirty minutes & cry again. Her voice was hoarse from too much crying. Finally at 4am she fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later.

I get to take a break now. I let Aiza handle her for a while (but she’s asleep now, thank God!) I am taking the opportunity to blog for a few minutes, check my emails, view FB and rest. I dunno how our night will be later so I need all the energy.

Her monthly check-up is on Tuesday so I am observing her in case we need to see her Pedia tomorrow instead. Please pray that Abi gets well soon. It is heartbreaking to see her this way.

It was a jungle out there…

Saturday, October 17, 2009

If I had the choice, we would have avoided Megamall today. There is a three-day sale which started yesterday and it was pure chaos (at least for me). Every store had a cardboard display system outside their shops and people would stop every now and then to look at the items. The foot traffic was terrible. If you know me, I refuse to visit any mall when there is a sale. I get claustrophobic and I easily get irritated. But then we had to go there because I need to have my glasses fixed by the store where I got my specs (hoping they will do it for free since I only got my pair about five months ago).

I will tell you how it all went (trip to the optical shop and the mall over-all) after I am done with some tasks. Laters!

Why oh why?!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s a quarter after eleven in the evening. Why do I get this nagging feeling to clean the room and the 2nd floor hall all of a sudden? I have this urge to throw away stuff and de-clutter! I can’t be “nesting” yet again!

So sick in the head! LOL!

And to think I am already dead tired from a very long day.

And that I have work to do tonight so I can finish everything before the deadline on Sunday morning!


Time to go offline and do real work now.

Have a nice weekend peeps!


P.S. Zanne, if you are reading this, sorry for not chatting tonight. I know I promised but the internet connection conked out for a couple of hours and now I am swamped with things to do!


In August, I attended a unique birthday party. My online friend Glo wanted to spend her birthday with all the Bebots. The best way to do that is via chat. I had a blast, I tell you. Yahoo Messenger actually crashed on us that we had to continue the boisterous chatter in Twitter. And I guess I was also lucky that night because I won a number of items. Yup, Glo gave away awesome stuff – on her birthday! Such a generous soul.

Last Monday, I already got my prizes!


I won ELF Shimmering facial whip, A MAC blusher, a NYX Trio eye shadow and a small Anne Klein hobo bag! Yiheee, the bag is one of the major prizes and I was so happy I got it. But I covet Peachy’s prize because she got the top one: a Coach Rugby Duff! Lucky Girl! :) Anyway, the bag is so nice I already used it once on my visit to the supermarket :)

Thank you so much Glo for hosting an awesome party! :D

Stage Mother

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I think I am turning into one. Moments like this make me want to capture it even with just a mobile phone camera, then share to the blogosphere for the whole world to see!


See, Ane and I both cannot sleep without a pillow in our arms. I just found it cute to watch our little Klaire sleeping like this :D

Cousin’s Wedding

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My cousin Fitz got married to her long time significant other, Jimmy last Saturday. We received the invitation late, we didn’t even know if we were in the guest list. But I guess it is just common sense that we are included because we practically grew up together (we just didn’t want to assume, LOL!). We even lived in the same house for about three years, that was before I got married. I also took the opportunity to have Abi meet some of my maternal relatives. Ane could not join us though because he had to work. Brother Ry had stocks coming in so he was busy attending to his clients. So it was just brother Gi and I. Mom rode with us going there though  because she had to have her make-up done early morning (the wedding’s at 10am in Marilao, Bulacan); she was in the apartment the night before already.

I started my day at 530am, the parlor appointment was at 6am. I also had my hair ironed :) We were off before 9am after I struggled Abi into her car seat. It was the first time she refused to be strapped on her seat! It was heartbreaking! But I definitely could not give in because I was driving! And it was also a long drive so I cannot allow her on her Ninong Gi’s lap.

Traffic was light that we got to the church early. The bride was late though, heheh. Here is a picture of Abi and me, the only decent one:



Well, there’s no one to take our picture! Gi was not in the mood, LOL! The ceremony lasted for only thirty minutes, the priest was in such a hurry to finish! The reception was okay…when I had the chance to get my plate, the food has run out hehehe. I didn’t bring Abi’s stroller and she was choosy with people who can carry her! She’s normally okay with lots of people around but I guess she didn’t want the attention she was getting!

I loved my hair that day, but I only got the chance to capture it when we got home:


I wish it can be like this everyday. It was so much better in the morning, though.


Anyway that was a long day, and a tiring one for me. You bet I am not bringing Abi along again when Ane is unavailable! :p

What’s new with Abi?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Can you spot it? :)


Yes, our little Klaire is now a certified girl :) We had her ears pierced at The Medical City’s NICU on Tuesday. This was long overdue because her Pedia gave the go-signal when she turned seven months. We got to the hospital on time and before the midwife who does it clocked out :) She put topical anesthesia but warned me that Abi will still cry probably because of the sound the piercing gun will make. It was good that she had someone else hold Abi, because if it was me, I would have panicked with Abi’s wails. She was that upset! She calmed down when we left the room and when she noticed in the elevator that we were leaving.

Okay. So let this be known that I will definitely pick a fight with someone who will still ask if our baby is a girl, LOL!

Klaire: 8 months

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our little Abi turned eight months old on September 30. Here is her picture with Sissy for this month:


Look how much she has grown! Click on the picture and you will be led to the Flickr set. Watch her grow! From her last well-baby check-up her weight was recorded at 7.2kilos, still in the average range. She was really behaved and even allowed her Pedia to touch her and check her ears for a more than a minute. Yes, she sat still! :) She was friendly to & charmed everyone and was not fussy while waiting for the doctor. She observed her surroundings and appreciated what she saw. She had her second anti-meningitis shot, she cried a bit but calmed down after a few minutes.

She can now close-open her hands when prompted. At first she could only do it with the left hand but was able to do it with her right hand after a few days. She now knows how to kiss and leans forward when we ask her for one. But she leans only if its Mommy or Daddy. Still does high-five and has now learned to clap on her own. She sits on her own and can now stand while holding on to something. She’s also learned to balance while standing and can hold the standing position for about 5 seconds (but she did about ten seconds one time!), unassisted! We’re letting her spend time in her crib/s more since she has become too fast to be left on the bed for even a second! She has become choosy with who can carry her. She had the phase when only Aiza and I are allowed to take her!

Her eating habits have changed. She didn’t want to eat homemade food and was fine with Cerelac and Gerber. This worried me a lot but towards the end of her seventh month, she refused to eat the powdered and jarred ones. Well she still ate but the amount was lessened. Now she eats home made food (vegetables, fruits and eggs) and fresh juices, and now happily drinks water from the small cup.

Her sleeping habits are still the same. Sleeps late, wakes in the middle of the night to ask for milk but promptly goes back to sleep, asks for another bottle in the early morning and sleeps through until 9 or 10am.

On her birthday, we just bought a cake and ate it before be left for volunteer work.

DSC_0431 DSC_0438

This is a pretty late entry that I am sure there is something I forgot! But at least all the important stuff (at least for me) are noted. Click here to view the very few pictures we took in September. :)

A house up there :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ane and I were watching Balikbayan and they featured Joel Cruz’s house in Tagaytay. It was huge :) If in the future we get the chance to build a home in a chilly place like Tagaytay, I would want to have a patio and install one of those outdoor fireplaces like this:


Wouldn’t it be nice to accommodate guests in an area where the view is beautiful? The fireplace will complete the ambience, I am sure :)

Her Yoya’s Granddaughter

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today was an impromptu family day as Dad and Mom went to see us. We went to mass together, had lunch and played a bit at Timezone. Ane was at work though.


Anyway, this post is about Abi, who was singing, more like humming, during mass. She sang along all the songs and I could feel she was enjoying herself. My parents listened in delight albeit discreetly, because Little Klaire would get conscious when she realized she was being watched and listened.


Early on, we already noticed that our baby loves music. This family actually loves music and without being boastful, we can all carry a tune (well, except for dad, LOL!). But no one pursued singing or playing an instrument professionally.


And I am thinking my Mom is disappointed about that last bit. So this morning, as we listened to Abi “sing”, I told her, maybe she will live your dream? And we can finally have someone who really sings for a big audience (doesn’t matter if professionally or otherwise :))?


That’s a nice thought, huh?

He listened :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng actually spared NCR. God listened to our prayers and made the typhoon go away. Prayers work, and today we have proven that once again. Thank you Lord!

Because the weather cooperated, we were able to attend to a friend’s son’s baptism this afternoon. It was held in Binondo and I was heady when we got home. Must be MSG overload. Or it could be all in my head because I was fine until Ane said we must have consumed too much MSG because the food was so good ;)

My Mom was hesitant when I said we were going out. But believe me, I prepared for this short trip. I had overnight clothes in the bag, with a few of Abi’s clothes, too. We also brought one big bottle of Wilkins, a full can of Abi’s milk, her bottles, a Gerber jar of food, some marie biscuits, Abis’ spoon and sipping cup, and lots of diapers. I was ready to stay overnight somewhere, in case Pepeng changed its mind. Thankfully, it was an uneventful and we got home safely :)

I won’t make this long because I still think the MSG is making me lethargic (LOL, OA!). I am going to rest early today. Good night world!

No energy yet

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I know I promised that I will blog about Abi’s 8th month but I find myself still lacking the energy to recall everything that I wanted to share. Probably in a day or two, I am able to organize my thoughts and finally finish the updates entry. For now I am sharing a picture of Abi to show you she already stands on her own and  is now really a handful to look after.



Klaire is Eight months old today!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Little Abi turned a month old today :) We celebrated simply, at home. We bought a cake and took pictures before we left for the relief center. We scheduled to have her ears pierced yesterday but postponed it the last minute. I felt we need to wait it out while the hospital is probably busy with the typhoon victims.


Pictures and development updates tomorrow! Stay tuned! :)


Yes, I still am. I needed to read on paid web directory for a client but I cannot seem to concentrate on work. All I know is that this is more effective than the free ones. And it is worth getting into it to have your site recognized right away.

Anyway, we (Gi and I) went to volunteer again at Megatent this afternoon. We brought the remaining biscuits we bought from the money sent by Mae. The center was overmanned when we got there at 330pm – a lot of volunteers were just hanging out and had nothing to do. When we inquired we were told there is shifting already and the next one is at 6pm. But we decided to stay put which was a good idea because around 430pm, the packing assembly line started and we were able to help :)

Again, I will write a better entry. I had a long day (as expected) and I need to recharge :)

Volunteers for a few hours…

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When I started seeing the images of the damages made by Typhoon Ondoy and seeing the calls for volunteers in different centers, I knew in my heart that I wanted to help. But I could not decide just yet. I was in fear something might happen again and I don’t want to be caught away from home, away from Little Abi. But I also knew that I will regret it if I don’t do anything.

This morning I could not resist the call anymore. Our Badminton friend Rina posted in FB something about buying biscuits and cookies at factory price and the store is just five minutes away from home. I asked Ane if there is some money we can spare. I also asked my brother if we have any extra from the household budget. We only had p2k (<$40) and I was bent on spending all to buy biscuits. Then I got a message from kumareng Mae, and she sent me money right away. It is money she gathered from friends for our supposed Christmas Charity project. It is money I never expected to get hold of at this time. But it came.

I knew then that we have to go, donate the goods and volunteer today. God sent a way to push us out of the house! And we’re doing it again tomorrow.

In this time of trials, the Filipinos are working together to put back the pieces. Mabuhay ka Pinoy! Can you see the Philippine Flag here?


These are the packed rice from the 200 cavans of rice from an anonymous donor. Truly, God is so good!


p.s. I will write a longer entry to share our experience. But I need to rest tonight, because tomorrow will be a long day. :)


Monday, September 28, 2009

It is amazing how the Filipinos are united at this time. Technology and social networking sites are playing an important role in disseminating information. Facebook and Twitter are perfect examples. I was really surprised to see Paulo Coelho (who even donated via bank wire transfer), Ashton Kutcher, and Yoko Ono among others tweeting about the situation and pointing to a site where others can donate.

At this moment, thousands of volunteers are repacking goods to be distributed to the victims. Please help in any way you can, monetary or otherwise.

Here is a site where you can find more information: where to drop off donations, how to donate cash, how to volunteer.

Typhoon Ondoy may have left the Philippines but it is not over yet. Keep on praying for the victims and the rescuers.

Retail Therapy

During these trying hours in this country I simply cannot let myself go and splurge money on things that I want. Many are dying and hungry, and relief goods have not reached them. I’ve been worried sick about people who matter. I’ve spent too much time surfing the internet for pictures and news and I am surprised that other people can still afford to shop and brag about what they have. Well, I cannot blame them. They probably did not experience the typhoon’s wrath or they have more than enough to shop for themselves and still share with others. I conclude that I have no right to judge them, right?

Anyway, the point of this post is really to say that most women find solace in shopping. If there is something that bothers them, a pair of Kate Spade shoes or one by Michael Kors can easily and temporarily fix that. Most men do not understand that women obsess over shoes, bags and other feminine stuff because these things make them feel better. It lightens the emotions they feel within while making them look good.

I have a confession to make. I am not really particular on my looks. I splurge more on food and eating out, in fact. But I just recently discovered online shopping. I never knew that by simply browsing on women stuff like bags, shoes, make-up, and clothes, the lady in me is awakened. And I realized that I am not getting any younger so I should really consider spoiling myself. Yes, I’ll do that when I get a proper job, LOL! For now I enjoy window shopping from links I get here and here.

Finally, everyone I know is safe!

Maybe now I can concentrate more on what I really need to do. I just heard news from my friend Derick that he and his family is safe. Although I just saw his FB status and have not directly heard from him, it is comforting to know that he’s fine and can laugh now. Late last night Mitch already texted that she’s fine.

I can breathe normally now.

Unproductive but not wasted.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All I did today was watch the news, reload Twitter and FB, and give updates to relatives here and abroad. I was checking some files on life insurance comparison (kind of timely for insurance quotes, right?) while I did that. I was not able to do anything that has to do with work because I thought I deserved a break from the angst that I felt yesterday. I was working until 4am this morning trying to take it all in.

Anyway, my family and relatives are safe.

Ane got home before 8am and he is fine.

My Mom is recovering from the flu and is much better today.

My Dad had no sleep for 24hours trying to save lives. However, I heard that our house and property got submerged in water even if our place is built on the higher ground. Yes it was that bad. Our stuff were soaked but I am just thankful that no lives were compromised. Those are just things anyway.

My in-laws are safe and flood water didn’t even get into the garage. They had to help the neighbors though because the children were getting hungry and the electricity wasn’t back yet early tonight.

I need to rest my brain and body now. Will write more about us when I have the energy.

God bless the Philippines!!